Friday, April 30, 2010


The days are getting colder and I'm starting to crave real good comfort food. Hot pot, beef noodle soup, vegetarian curry, I'm looking forwards to all of these warm dishes. Autumn is my favourite season, when it's just getting cold enough for me to wake up to foggy mornings and oatmeal. Although, today I had some muesli. But same diff right? I don't know about everyone else, but I find it a bit strange that no one in my family had ever eaten cereal muesli a week ago. And now I've fallen in love with it. Cinnamon and just a hint of that dried apple stuff. Mhmm. I don't think I could ever like muesli bars again. To me, they are symbolic of grab-it-and-run breakfasts when I struggle out of bed, half-alive and rush off to sports training. I end up chowing down the stuff in the car, in fear that if it doesn't digest in time, I'll end up doubling over with a stitch half-way through our footwork. But this muesli, is sitting down on a chilly morning with a book or the sunrise program at the breakfast table. It's lovely cinnamon and oats-y goodness.

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