Saturday, April 10, 2010


I borrowed a Marth Stewart Cookbook the other day and I am so excited about using it! Well, it's wearing off now that it's halfway through the holidays (already!) and I haven't gotten started on any of that holiday studying. My wishlist:
- Omlette (sadly, my last attempt was a failure but I think I'm ready to give it a go again)
- Garlic noodles
- Fresh pasta and tomato sauce
- Warm lentils and mushrooms OR cassoulet

They seem to increase in difficulty but I'm excited.

I'll also almost certainly be baking some sweeties for a baking pact with Juliana at our trip to the Easter show~~

I definitely need to get my laptop fixed - at this point, I have to transfer photos from my camera to the second laptop and then to this one, such a hassle, before I upload anything since the my laptop keeps rejecting CDs, including the CD with the software for the computer to read the images on the camera.

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