Monday, January 25, 2010

Hi there :)

Ok. I don't really know why I've started this blog. Goodness knows I've enough journals already, but I guess this is just a impulsive, my-brain-is-too-tired-to-think-clearly, kind of thing, so we'll just have to wait and see how it all turns out.

I have this idea that this will be mainly a food-blog, but seeing as my cooking skills are amateur (I'm only 15) and cooking is only a little weekend, when-i-have-the-time, type hobby. Photography is also another interest of mine, but as with cooking, I'm just getting started and the quality of my pictures are a bit volatile. Either good enough to make me look pleased (until I take a look at flickr) or so horrible that I vow never to open them up again.

So ... I had made Orange-Cumquat scones a few days ago, but the pictures are too shameful to post here. I got the recipe here:

and I made a big mistake of using cake flour instead of unbleached, all purpose. Had to add something like a 1cup of extra flour and they ended up heavy, dense and just plain inedible. but I love scones and I think it would have worked had I not used the wrong flour, so I'll probably give it a go sometime in the future.

I've run out of flour though, and was hoping to make some cinnamon roll muffins to bring to school. This really shouldn't be a problem for most cooks/bakers but I am a money-less (until Chinese New Year at least) student with parents who do not believe in the power of cake. Go figure.